GROW with us

Addressing iron-deficiency anemia in Peru.

What's GROW?

GROW = GrassRoots On-site Work

UTSA GlobeMed aims to strengthen the relationship between students and its grassroots health partner, Sacred Valley Health. Every year, a small cohort of students take on a GROW internship, where they are on the grounds in Peru for 5 weeks. The internship may be subsidized through competitive student grants from USAID, exclusively for GlobeMed students. The mutual learning that results from GROW strengthens the capacity of both students and our partner organization. Back on campus, students share their experiences, equipping them with the firsthand knowledge to be improved advocates for the following year.

The 3 goals

1. To strengthen and expand the programs, resources, and knowledge of our partner organization to increase their capacity for impact.

UTSA GlobeMed's partner organization is doing incredible work but may face gaps in capacity. With access to tremendous resources, like the expertise of professors, cutting-edge technology, talented peers, and funding, students have the power to help fill these gaps. GROW allows students to bring the resources of UTSA GlobeMed to the frontlines of global health. From sharing research to capturing powerful media, students help the partner organization strengthen their own work and power their missions. A stronger partner organization means improved health for an impoverished community, faster.

2. To engage in mutual learning to strengthen all aspects of the partnership.

On GROW, students work alongside our partner organization's staff, gaining a firsthand look at the community’s health issues and how they are being addressed. The stories and learning students gain inform their perspectives as future leaders, and equip UTSA GlobeMed to mobilize more resources the following year. Our partner organization deepens their knowledge of the GlobeMed model and network. Understanding inspires commitment and supports another year of successful collaboration.

3. To evaluate progress and plan for the year ahead in order to support long-term stability of the partnership.

UTSA GlobeMed students work with Sacred Valley Health to evaluate the year’s project and partnership. Together, they assess the data collected, stories told, and goals achieved to plan for the following years. This process ensures accountability, learning and improvement on both sides. UTSA GlobeMed is then able to apply these insights to the design of the following year’s project. By the end of the GROW internships, students and partners complete a draft of the next year’s Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). By acknowledging short-term successes and setting long-term goals, GROW interns shape the future of the partnership.

Apply here

Please be sure to answer all questions thoroughly. The GROW internship will take place from June 10th - July 19th 2019 in Ollantaytambo, Peru for a total of 5 weeks. Note that a separate application for the GROW grant and financial aid will be available at a later date. If you intend to participate in a summer program or take summer classes you are NOT eligible for GROW. If you are selected as a GROW intern, you are expected to go on GROW. If you have additional questions about GROW, don't hesitate to contact us at  

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