A Diverse Group of Student Leaders

Current Executive Board

bharath ram, CO-PRESIDENT

zarish alam, CO-PRESIDENT

Kavina Patel

Zarish is a junior majoring in Medical Humanities with a concentration in Pre-Med. She hopes to go to medical school and fulfill her childhood dreams of becoming a Pediatric Oncologist. In her future, she's aiming to work with children in underdeveloped countries to give them access to proper healthcare and health education, which is one of the reasons she joined GlobeMed. In her free time, she likes to eat, explore and spend time with her friends. She is excited to be a part of the GlobeMed family.

Farhan Ahmad

Bharath is a senior in the UTSA Top Scholar Program and the Global Health University Coordinator of GlobeMed. A biology major, Bharath hopes to pursue a career in medicine and is interested in global health. Quality, affordable care, Bharath believes, is a basic human right and all people around the globe should have equal access to healthcare. By being part of the GlobeMed family, Bharath hopes to make an impact on global health and, as Co-President, hopes to raise awareness and advocacy for important health causes around the world.

brian cao, director of campaigns 

daniela estrella, Director of Communications

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Daniela is a senior majoring in Public Health with a concentration in Epidemiology and Disease Control and double minoring in Business Administration and Sociology. She recently went on the GROW trip and interned at Sacred Valley Health for five weeks. She is passionate about Public and Global Health and believes the best way to understand issues in these disciplines is to analyze them from different academic lenses. Daniela hopes to pursue a Master’s in Public Health. As Director of Communications, she plans to use social media to spread information about social justice and global health.

Brian is a senior public health major focusing in epidemiology and disease control. He is also a double major in sociology. Brian is currently pursuing a career in dentistry, and prefers working in a group setting. When he is not at school, he enjoys doing research at the South Texas Research Facility. His hobbies include going to the racetrack when available, and loves to stay fit.

lekhya kintada, co-ghu coordinator

Caleb Offield

Lekhya Kintada is a senior Biology major, concentrating in Neurobiology and minoring in Psychology. Her love for Global Health and promoting global health equity pushed her to joing GlobeMed. She is so happy to see the impact the organization is having on the global partner, Sacred Valley Health. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends and family, reading and dancing! She aims to become a doctor that works with Doctors without Borders to continue her pursuit of promoting global health on a more direct scale. 

dilawal singh, co-ghu coordinator

Bobby Lonergan

Dilawal Singh is a senior majoring in Cyber Security and is one of our ghU coordinators. Although he is majoring in Cyber Security, Dilawal hopes to get into medical school and pursue his dream of becoming a plastic surgeon. Dilawal wants to use his profession to provide care to those is underdeveloped cities and others who need plastic surgery in order to return to a life of normalcy, including veterans that were hurt in combat overseas. As ghU coordinator, he hopes to shed light on current global issues and raise awareness about important health initiatives around the world. You can also catch him around campus as he is an involved in various organizations and a peer mentor for incoming freshmen in UPM.

sushmita gorantala,co- Director of Finance

Zahra Barsi

Sushmita Gorantala is a senior majoring in Finance with minor concentrations in Biology and Chemistry. After witnessing first hand at how little medical care some were afforded and the disparity of access to care, she joined GlobeMed in efforts to contribute to an impactful change. As Co-Director of Finance, she intends to educate the local community about the ongoing issues revolving global health equity and social justice. When you can't catch her at school, you can find Sushmita exploring new restaurants, capturing photographs, and keeping up with the Spurs. 

andrew huynh, co- Director of Finance

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Andrew is a sophomore Biology major at UTSA, and the Co-Director of Finance for GlobeMed. His desire to learn about different points of view on contreversal subjects led him to join GlobeMed for the thought provoking dialogue that the org facilitates. He is working towards becoming a dentist to promote happier smiles everywhere.

katie jaffe, grow COORDINATOR

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Katie Jaffe is a senior majoring in medical humanities and minoring in biology. She hopes to become a doctor and is passionate about reproductive health and global health. Katie wants to eventually become a traveling doctor to help underprivileged countries obtain safe and accessible health care. As a grow coordinator, she is excited to go on the grow trip in Peru to help women and children learn about iron deficiency.