GlobeMed at UTSA E-Board Contract

Here is what is expected from you as a GlobeMed E-board member:

  1. Efficiency: 48 hour email response time, adherence to deadlines, attendance at general and E-board meetings. You are limited to 3 absences per semester for E-Board/staff meetings unless excused under extenuating circumstances.

  2. Proactiveness: You get out of GlobeMed what you put in. Your Co-Presidents and other GlobeMed E-Board members will do their best to communicate what they’re doing and to mentor you on new tasks and projects, but it’s also up to you to ask questions and seek mentorship when you’re confused. We’ll organize social events and retreats to help you get to know other members and further your personal and professional development, but it’s up to you to take advantage of these opportunities in the midst of other academic and extracurricular commitments.

  3. Suggestions/Feedback: As a new chapter, we are always looking for feedback of how we can improve in the coming years, and also be open to giving suggestions to the growing chapter. The unique part of being a new chapter is the ability to set traditions. Additionally, consistent, honest feedback is the only path to learning and growth, so we ask for a lot of it in GlobeMed - meet us halfway.

  4. Commitment to innovation: Seek understanding of other teams and decisions with probing questions, ask ask ask if you don’t understand something - we’re all on the same level. Offer 360 degree (to your managers, to your peers, to your staff members) positive criticism and honest feedback, acknowledge and learn from your own mistakes.

  5. Support for other E-Board members: Proactively recognize when other E-Board members are struggling and offer advice or a helping hand. Be open to sharing tasks, and not just focusing on the duties of your position.

  6. Support for staff members: Help general staff members feel comfortable and find their niche, bridge the divide between E-Board and general staff by being open and welcome.

  7. Support for the network: Be willing to make time to talk to others about your work, whether by taking meetings, going to Summit or filling out the Annual Report.

  8. Commitment to Lead: You are expected to hold your position until August 2019 (two semesters).

When you agree to these expectations, you’re giving permission for staff and other E-board members to call you out on these later in the year. When you fulfill these expectations, you’re contributing to a better chapter at UTSA, a better network of GlobeMed chapters throughout the US, and strengthening global health equity throughout the world.

I, the undersigned, enter this contract with GlobeMed at UTSA and will uphold the specific terms and tasks set upon me by the Contract. I will also hold GlobeMed at UTSA accountable for their terms and tasks. GlobeMed at UTSA is contractually obligated to do the same toward me.
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