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An interprofessional group of student leaders.

Applications for Director of Communications, Co-Director of Finance, and GhU Coordinator are currently being accepted at this time


  • Oversee and assist all directorships and coordinators

  • Ensure that the organization maintains good standing with the Student Activities Center, Events Management and Conference Services, UTSA Best Fest, and UTSA Fiesta

  • Organize staff and executive board meetings

  • Ensure solid communication with the partner organization (Sacred Valley Health)

    • Develop a Partnership Action Framework (PAF) alongside the GROW Team

  • Ensure the chapter is meeting its fundraising goal

  • Organize events for the chapter in collaboration with the directorships and coordinators

  • Maintain financial security and growth

  • Serve as chapter members who embody the GlobeMed spirit

  • Stay in contact with GlobeMed Global Headquarters and participate in monthly Skype calls

  • Broaden GlobeMed partnerships with other Texas chapters

  • Envision future directions for the chapter


Director of Communications

  • Maintain social media posts

    • Facebook, Instagram

  • Create minutes during chapter meetings

  • In charge of sign-in sheets

  • Maintain website

  • Document events

    • Photos, videos

  • Create promotional materials

    • Flyers, banners

  • Familiar with, or willing to learn about, Robert's Rules of Order

  • Ideal candidate has experience working with social media platforms and graphic design


  • Plan logistics and lead all fundraisers

  • Work with Director of Communications to develop publicity for fundraising events

  • Work with Director of Finance to plan budget and fundraising goals

  • Ideal candidate is creative and active on campus

Director of Community Building 

  • Create regular service-based activities for staff members

  • Plan retreats

  • Prepare bonding activities at beginning of staff meetings

  • Plan staff socials throughout the year

  • Ideal candidate is social and has a spirit of volunteerism.

DIRECTOR of Finance

  • Prepare financial projections

  • Make deposits and withdrawals from UTSA GlobeMed's bank account

  • Watch expenses and income

  • Apply for school, government, and foundation grants

  • Apply for scholarships

  • Track reimbursements and donations

  • Ideal candidate has experience with spreadsheets and accounting



  • Create educational presentations for staff meetings, as part of the Global Health University initiative

    • Create engaging activities to supplement presentations

    • Maintain adherence to GlobeMed's national curriculum

    • Integrate Sacred Valley Health into educational components

  • Oversee and prepare global health group discussions

  • Explore options to provide recognized credit for GHU curricula at staff meetings

  • Coordinate on-campus GHU events to talk about global health

  • Ideal candidate is a good orator and has had experience educating


  • Coordinate the summer "Grassroots On-site Work" internship to Peru

  • Facilitate communication between GlobeMed National Office and GROW team members

  • Connect UTSA chapter students with Sacred Valley Health

  • Plan logistics of the GROW trip

  • Ideal candidate is detail-oriented, able to represent UTSA GlobeMed in an international setting, and think about sustainable initiatives

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If selected, applicants agree to the following terms: 1. Hold their position for two consecutive semesters (Fall 2018, Spring 2019). 2. Attend weekly executive board meetings and staff meetings. 3. ghU Coordinator and Co-Presidents must attend the GlobeMed Leadership Institute at Northwestern University from August 9-11th, 2018

Good luck! If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email.