A Diverse Group of Student Leaders

Current Executive Board



Kavina Patel
Farhan Ahmad

Kavina Patel is a biology major in the FAME B.S./M.D. program. As founder and co-president of GlobeMed, she hopes to empower and inspire others at UTSA to continue advocating for health equity. She wants to revolutionize the way UTSA views healthcare and the current health status in Sacred Valley, Peru. Kavina believes that everyone in the community has a right to reach his/her full health potential, and as a future physician she hopes to empower and catalyze communities to improve health. Kavina wants to practice as a physician, and start or work for an NGO that supports the establishment of healthcare infrastructure and availability in developing nations. In her free time, Kavina enjoys an Indian classical dance form called Bharatanatyam, art, watching Grey's Anatomy, and exploring unique food trucks in Austin. 

Farhan is in the FAME B.S./M.D. program and co-president of GlobeMed. He helped start GlobeMed because he believes that understanding the social and cultural structures of a community should come with providing care. With experiences leading a public health coalition and nonprofit, he strives to think big and analyze inequities of power and class. He is also an avid weightlifter and produces EDM trap music.

Caleb OffielD, DIRECTOR OF COMMUNIty Building

Perla Diaz, Director of Communications

Andrea Aguirre

Andrea Aguirre

Senayda Saucedo

Senayda Saucedo

Perla Diaz is a junior majoring in Public Health with a concentration in Epidemiology. After graduating from UTSA, she plans on attending graduate school. She’s been a member of GlobeMed for 2 ½ years—two of which she’s held an officer position! She’s truly enjoyed learning, spreading awareness, advocating and educating others about social issues. As the Director of Communications, she hopes to inform others via social media about the great things GlobeMed does for both the UTSA and San Antonio community. Perla enjoys drinking iced coffees from Starbucks (the only item she gets from their menu), thrift store shopping and looking at cute pictures of dogs. 

Caleb is a senior at UTSA majoring in Biology, in addition to earning his teaching certification. He joined GlobeMed because he feels it is a fantastic outlet that provides limitless opportunities to serve others in our community and beyond. He really has a passion to serve others, and hopes to encourage others to do the same. Caleb has been on mission trips to both South America and India. He is also a leader for the high school students in his church youth group, and volunteers at an after-school outreach for refugees in San Antonio.

Jassmine Soto, Director of Campaigns

Caleb Offield

Jassmine Soto is a junior at the University of Texas at San Antonio. She is currently a Health major with a specialization in Community Health and Preventive Services. After Jassmine completes her Health degree, she plans to work with organizations promoting the health of underserved and marginalized groups. Her plan is to help reduce health disparities and advocate for social justice. Through GlobeMed, her goal is to promote the health of communities in Peru at a local and more personal level. She aims to help build the sustainable relationship between GlobeMed and the people of Peru’s Sacred Valley. 

Bharath Ram, Director of Finance

Bobby Lonergan

Bharath is a sophomore in the UTSA Top Scholar Program and the Director of Finance of GlobeMed. A biology major, Bharath hopes to pursue a career in medicine and is interested in global health. Quality, affordable care, Bharath believes, is a basic human right and all people around the globe should have equal access to healthcare. By being part of the GlobeMed family, Bharath hopes to make an impact on global health and, as director of finance, hopes to raise the funds and awareness necessary to finance these far-reaching and important goals.


Zahra Barsi

Andrea Aguirre is a public health major at UTSA. She is interested in studying social and behavioral health sciences and is passionate about global health. Upon earning a bachelor’s degree in public health, Andrea intends to work abroad for NGOs such as the Peace Corps and focus on health promotion and disease prevention in underserved communities. She is very excited to be a member on the Executive Board and have the opportunity to raise awareness about the health disparities in Peru's Sacred Valley Region. 


Lexi Correa

Lexi Correa

Sushmita Gorantala is a senior majoring in Finance with a minor in biology. Sushmita joined GlobeMed after witnessing first hand at how little medical care some were afforded and the disparity of access to care. As ghU coordinator, she intends to educate the local community about the ongoing issues revolving global health equity, social justice, and hopes to make a lasting impact. Apart from school, Sushmita enjoys playing tennis, rock climbing, traveling, and is a huge food and Spurs enthusiast.